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Geordie Shore Not Allowed To Be Filmed In Blackpool

An episode for the new series was going to be filmed there, but they weren’t allowed because Blackpool is a place for families and the show would give the wrong impression. Now i’m a fan of both Geordie Shore and of Blackpool which is a town I visit a fair few times during the course of the year and enjoy very much. But the show for me should have been allowed to be filmed there.

Blackpool is a seaside resort known for kiss me quick hats and for being littered most weekends with hen and stag parties getting tanked up on booze. At least if they let Geordie Shore film there it would be publicity for the town. It’s nowhere near as busy as it was when I was a kid. The beach used to be packed but now it’s not even particularly busy during school holidays.

People who’ve never been there before would likely want to go there so they can see the landmarks and bars/clubs the cast were filmed at. This is turn will put more money into the Blackpool economy. Think how many will have visited Newcastle because of Geordie Shore, Essex because of TOWIE etc. I would guess that the local nightclub and bar owners aren’t too pleased with the decision. is a great link to make some cash off the government by doing questionaires for them. I was weary but i’ve been paid by them so it’s no scam and definately a good link to tweet so others can earn too.

Jim Davidson Wins Celebrity Big Brother 13

So last night Jim Davidson won the 13th edition of Celebrity Big Brother. However despite this he still splits opinion from the general public. Is he the racist, homophobic and sexist person the press would have you to believe? Was he that in the past and he’s changed his ways? Anyone who took the time to watch the show will have seen him as someone who was caring and funny. When the C bomb was dropped by Linda Nolan he could have lost it. Infact there were many times when he could have flipped at her for how she behaved towards him but instead he came out with funny wisecracks that won over the viewers.

After the year he had in 2013 wrongly accused of terrible crimes, the guy deserves some good luck if you ask me. I can’t begin to imagine what he and his family went through. Not only that he will never get back the loss of earnings he had through false accusations. If he was sexist he’d have not looked after Casey so well after her love triangle. I really hope now we see Big Break and Generation Game both make a return to saturday night television with Jim as the host like back in the old days. A couple of decent light hearted shows that don’t rely on phone ins to milk money from the viewers.

Yay for Jim.

Ian Watkins Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

I can’t be the only one that’s shocked at how heavy the sentence is. Yes it could be even longer, but based on past soft sentences like that of Stuart Hall it’s good to see one so high for a change. He will either be released as an old man aged 71, or he won’t ever get out if someone gets their hands on him inside or if after all that time he’s still seen as a risk to the general public. In cases as evil as this where there is no doubt at all the person is guilty you have to ask if bringing back the death penalty should be done.

Why should the taxpayer pay for him to be fed, watered and protected from attack for the next 35 years? The cost for that is going to be huge. Then when he gets out (unless he dies early) he’s going to cost the public even more money to be protected still from attacks. It’s not like we’ve lots of money to spend, so using so much on him does seem a waste. So what about the two women involved?

I understand why they haven’t been named, but at what cost? When the horrible women in question are finally released they will still only be in their mid 30s. Plenty young enough to find another guy who doesn’t know of their past, fall in love and become a parent again. I couldn’t imagine being a guy who falls in love and has a kid with someone I love, only for it to eventually come out what the lady did in the past. The risk of this happening cannot be allowed. These two women don’t deserve to have a normal life ever again.

They are lucky that their names are being protected when innocent men like Michael Le Vell and Jim Davidson were in the press only to not be found guilty of the charges against them. On a last note lets hope the innocent kids involved can grow up and live as normal of a life as is possible. Especially at some point in the future when no doubt they will be told one way or another about their childhood.


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I’m A Celebrity Battle Of The Women

Last night the big talking point was when Rebecca Adlington started to cry over her insecurities about her looks. It all started when Lucy slyly started an heated debate about the job Amy does for a living. I can see both sides of the arguement and personally feel that Lucy was purposely starting to create some tension in a camp of people who so far have got on well.

Amy is a good looking woman. She cannot help the way she looks and people shouldn’t talk down about her because of her profession. At least she’s not a sponger and she’s paying her taxes. She’s done very little wrong apart from push Rebecca, although there appeared to be no malice in it. As for Rebecca it’s hard as a guy to understand the insecurities women have about their appearance. Especially when Rebecca is a good looking woman herself.

I’ve spoke to guys I know and read other views from males on the incident and we all pretty much agree. Basically if we were in the jungle alongside some hunky guy with big muscles etc we’d not feel insecure despite also having things about ourselves we’d change appearance wise. Guys don’t tend to compare themselves physically to other guys, unlike plenty of women do. I hope Rebecca and Amy get close again as they were at the start. They shouldn’t like Botox Lucy try and drive a wedge between them by her bullying all coy.

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Made In Chelsea Season 6 Episode 2 Review

The big talking point this week was Fran getting closer to Alex, much to the dismay of his ex girlfriend Phoebe.  While it’s true Phoebe could have dealt with the situation better, I do see her point. There is a couple of billion people of the opposite sex on the planet so you don’t need to go after the ex of a mate. I understand you can’t help who you fall for but me personally I have never had the desire to go where a mate has been before me. Anyway it’s been confirmed this week that Binky is the new girlfriend of Alex. Where does this leave the Fran/Phoebe friendship? We shall have to see. I can’t say i’m a big fan of chav brand Burberry on a lady, but Phoebe did rock it well throughout the episode.

Mark Francis continues to steal the show despite very little airtime. It works well for him because it’s not overkill of him in an episode, so you appreciate him more when you see him. Sophie seems a decent addition to him and Victoria’s little group. How many people do you know that turn up for afternoon champagne in an helicopter? Genius scene. Spencer continues to seek professional help for the way he behaves. That woman is definately going to earn her money with him. Many scenes in the show are made better by facial expressions. This is where someone who’s had as much work done as Stephanie Pratt will fail to fit in.

Jamie is starting to annoy me a little with trying to be Mini Spencer. He much better suits being a fun young lad rather than someone who goes around flirting with numerous cast members like a randy schoolboy. It does appear to be missing the departures of cast originals Millie and Ollie. Lets hope it’s a short term thing and by the end of the series we haven’t noticed them not being around. If I were Andy i’d be looking at ways to leave the show. There has to be better ways to make a living on TV than having your failed relationship shown up so much. He looks ridiculously uncomfortable at times knowing the camera is there to film him.

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Madeleine McCann – Six Years On

The story of missing child Madeleine McCann continues tonight with an hour long programme about her. Hopefully the latest information means she is found soon safe and well. I am of the opinion that she is alive somewhere living a normal life. If she had been killed I reckon her body will have been found by now. I think it’s a case of a childless couple taking her to bring up as their own for whatever reason. To keep people off the scenet her appearance will have been changed, but her distinctive eye is a giveaway unless they have her wear contact lenses to get around this.

I’m surprised that another five million has been put towards trying to find her. Kids go missing long term all the time and don’t get anything like the publicity this case gets. Her parents have to live with themselves every single day that they left their three year old daughter alone at night in a foreign country unattended. Can you imagine if it was a Jeremy Kyle style layabout parents situation that Maddie was in? The law would have thrown the book at them for neglect amongst other things.

Kate and Gerry as a well off couple with good jobs look to have been treated differently. If Maddie is found will they face anything for the cost of finding the daughter they lost through their mistake? Lets not forget Maddie is the victim here. Even when found it would take her a long time to get used to being back with her parents having spent two thirds of her life without them. I sincerely hope she still remembers them, but it’s natural she’d find it strange such difference in her life.

People are entitled to their opinion on the story, but there is no need for the offensive “jokes” and dirt stories about what might have happened that’s over the internet. Fingers crossed someone out there knows who is responsible and she’s back to her family as quickly as possible. That would be a brilliant early christmas present for them wouldn’t it? People should never lose hope that she will be found safe and well. Others have after missing for much longer. Nobody with an heart would begrudge an happy ending to this story.

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Michael Le Vell Found Not Guilty

After a tough few years he was today found not guilty of all sexual charges towards a young lady from six years old. From the start the evidence didn’t seem to add up and it was always going to be his word against hers. The main part was that a female doctor who examined her found no evidence of damage to her. Yes it could have healed but nothing tends to heal back to completely how it was before it was damaged. I was surprised the alleged victims mother was allowed to give evidence as she can’t exactly be called an impartial person. I also found it telling that two young women in Brooke Vincent and Helen Flanagan. Both who have known him since a very young age had no reason to doubt him.

Le Vell was helping this girl try and become an actress. Would you be that desperate to become an actress that you’d get it from someone who’s supposedly raped you? She mentioned flashbacks too. Now everyone is different but if something that serious had happened to me i’d not get flashbacks because everything that happened to me would be fresh in my mind. Two thirds of the jury were women and some would think they would side with a female but that didn’t happen.

The law of people being named needs to be sorted out though. Le Vell despite being found not guilty will still have doubters thinking he got off because the jury are Coronation Street fans. People he knows will still be cautious around him at least for a while wondering if the right outcome happened. His life will never be the same again and he’s going to be known more to alot of people for the court case and not his job. The young lady the jury didn’t side with though can carry on with her life by staying anonymous forever. Both sides in a case this severe should not be named and then the loser in the case only should be named. The only things Le Vell is guilty of are being an alcoholic and cheating on his wife.

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What A Disapointing Strictly Lineup For This Year

Len Goodman said last year that the lineup was so good it was the first time ever he had heard of everyone taking part. I think it’s safe to say this year he won’t be saying the same. When a WAG and a singer without an hit single in years are two of the biggest names you have problems. I’ve read comments from both male and female fans complaining about the lack of eye candy and I agree. Yes it’s dancing ability that’s most important, but you need as much of the full package as possible.

I’m not sure how much it will be worth watching this year. I will watch the launch show and give it a few more shows before making up my mind. But there is that much good television on at the minute that I may not have to keep watching it until the end. The results show won’t be much better with Claudia Winkleman co presenting dressed in too much black like she’s been to a funeral.

The problem the show has is that it’s been going for so many years that the talent pool to take part has dwindled. Even the Celebrity Big Brother lineup has a better group of well known famous faces. With the return of Sharon Osbourne to X Factor, beating them in the ratings last year looks like being a one off before normal service resumes.

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Hazel Should Have Been Booted Out Of Big Brother Like Daley

Big Brother was soft and more than a little sexist in letting her stay in the house after the Daley incident. There is no arguements from me that Daley should have been thrown out. His agressive behaviour was uneasy to watch and nobody male or female should ever behave like that to the opposite sex. However Hazel was only warned for pulling down his shorts which is blatant sexual harrassment. Could you imagine if Daley had no past behaviour problems (like Hazel) and had pulled down her bikini bottoms. He would have been thrown out because of that one off incident alone. For some reason though it’s ok when females do it to a male.

I found her to be very two faced when talking about it in the diary room. How can she say she was scared of him when after the incident she was cuddling him in bed like nothing had happened? It’s a shame she’s not up for eviction tonight but I think the house will make sure she’s up next week and then it’s down to the viewing public to make their voice heard. She’s so vein too how she hates being seen without makeup to the point where she wears it in bed and also into the shower. Natual beauties are so much better.


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Daley Removed From The Big Brother House

The shock news of the day is that Daley has been removed from the house due to his behaviour towards Hazel. While she doesn’t make it easy for people to like her, threatening behaviour is never acceptable and he should have known better. He’s going to have an hard time of it back on the outside and if I was him i’d be regretting ever going into the house. I hope his ex girlfriend Katie takes a good bit of pleasure from how her former boyfriend is thought of by the viewing public.

I can imagine the Big Brother producers thought long and hard about taking him out and in an ideal world would have liked to have kept him in. Lets be honest that even though he’s a snake of a man he’s at least riverting to watch on TV. Most of the other housemates are dreadfully boring and bring nothing to the house so viewing figures could dip more regularly below the dreaded one million mark. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Channel 5 edit down the incident that lead to him being evicted early.

I believe they should show us all the main parts and not leave anything out. While watching a bloke being a bully towards a female will be uneasy viewing, those who don’t want to see it can switch over and the show airs after watershed anyway. If the footage is edited down too much you run the risk of people not understanding why he was thrown out and others who will think Big Brother are trying to protect him from more of a backlash than he’ll already get. We shall wait and see…..


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