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I’m A Celebrity 2011 Line-up Confirmed

Strongest Ever Line-up On Paper?

A case on paper at least can be made for the 2011 line up being the strongest the show has ever had. Many of the ten ready to start the show already have decent careers still and so don’t really need to be doing it. I shall go through the ten competitors in alphabetical order to give my early views on those taking part.

Antony Cotton: I have to hand it to him for taking part in the show. As the man behind the role of Sean Tully in Coronation Street, he has a prominent role in one of the most well known and watched shows in Britain. He doesn’t need this show to boost his profile or to have a career comeback. Credit where it’s due for him to try something different and to ask for the time off from his Corrie bosses to take part.

Chrissy Rock: I don’t watch Benidorm but i’m aware she’s a popular actress and author, who has won awards for her acting. Benidorm gets strong ratings and is due to make a feature length movie to be out in 2013, so she’s another who doesn’t need the show for a profile boost.

Dougie Poynter: I hope the McFly bassist does really well in there. He’s had a tough year with splitting from long term girlfriend Frankie Sandford and then spending time in rehab to sort himself out. The show is a great way for him to bounce back and to also show it’s not just Harry Judd in the band that can do well on a television show.

Fatima Whitbread MBE: What a career she had with the javelin, winning multiple medals at the Olympics and World Championship in the 1980s. She once was the world record holder for the javelin and has also won Sports Personality Of The Year. She comes across as a tough cookie so I don’t think she will struggle with jungle surroundings.

Freddie Starr: A true legend of the comedian world. It’s amazing a guy who’s 68 years old and had a quadruple heart bypass operation only last year is going in. He’s such a funny guy and it’s great an whole new generation of people will become aware of him and hopefully You Tube him to have a good laugh at his work going back decades.

Jessica-Jane Clement: I’ve never watched anything she’s done before, but there is no denying she’s attractive. I don’t see her as one of the favourites to win, but I hope she does well for us Yorkshire folk. Producers have blown the chance of a jungle romance by putting in an engaged lady.

Lorraine Chase: I like Lorraine so can look past her annoyingly high pitched voice. The first time I became aware of her was when she was in Emmerdale, which she was really good in. After surviving a car crash back in 2000 that she nearly died in, the jungle will be a cake walk for her.

Mark Wright: The first step in life after TOWIE for the Essex lothario. It’s a waste having a young ladies man in there when the only young woman for him to flirt with is engaged. He’s bound to be disapointed at the lack of young single ladies. Definately a favourite to win the show.

Stefanie Powers: I wasn’t aware of who she was, but after beating lung cancer only a few years ago, the trials she’s put up to do will be really easy for her in comparison. She turned 69 a few weeks ago which is just amazing. I think it’s really good that someone of that age isn’t afraid to give it a go in there.

Willie Carson: Next week the legendary jockey turns 69 also, so much credit to him for going in the jungle. He’s got a decent pundit job with the BBC on their horse racing coverage, so doesn’t really need the show. A very popular man in the sporting world, who’s going to go far I feel.

To me this year looks to be the year a man wins it. Any of the five guys put into the jungle are more than capable of winning it. My early prediction for the final three people to be left are.

1) Freddie Starr

2) Mark Wright.

3) Antony Cotton.


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