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Official DB3K’s Showbiz Thoughts 08/11/2012

I’m A Celebrity Lineup Confirmed

ITV bosses are wanting a jungle romance, yet the only single person out of the young ones going in is Ashley Roberts. Are channel bosses hoping the likes of Helen Flanagan and Hugo Taylor cheat on their partners as a ratings boost? I’m very happy that Ashley Roberts is in there. She was the only one of The Pussycat Dolls who I found to be attractive. Brian Conley is the current 7/2 favourite which is odds that won’t last for long. Someone funny always seems to do well with the likes of Christopher Biggins, Joe Pasquele and Stacey Soloman all winning in the past.

Christopher Maloney To Win X Factor?

According to reports Simon Cowell isn’t too pleased that every week he gets twice as many votes as any other act and if it continues he will win the show. This story actually makes me want to start voting for Christopher just to spite Cowell. You’d think by now that Cowell would know how much Liverpool get behind their acts. You only have to look at them having three people finish 2nd in the past with Ray Quinn, Rebecca Ferguson and Marcus Collins. It would also stick it to Cowell for how much he hates Gary Barlow. Imagine a victory for Gary and with the weakest catergory.

James Jordan Injured On Strictly

With James having a bad ankle Denise Van Outen this week has had to train with Ian Waite and is now worried about her position on the show. Why should she be? Ian Waite is a very good dancer and alot of Strictly fans were disapointed when he got dropped as a main dancer. Yes guys like Bobby Ball and Sid Owen went out straight away with a replacement dancer but difference is those two couldn’t dance and Denise can.

RIP Clive Dunn

Dad’s Army star Clive Dunn has sadly passed away aged 92. Most people even very young ones will have heard of Dad’s Army and I expect now to pay respect to him that the BBC will repeat some of the show in the coming weeks. He even had a number one single back over 40 years ago. 92 is a great age to live to. If I live until i’m in my 90s i’ll be very satisfied with that myself.

Greg James Runs Down Wrong Top 40

Yesterday on his Radio 1 show when doing the midweek chart he rundown the order from four weeks ago by accident. A genuine mistake from a very good DJ, but it still adds to the bad week at the station after Nick Grimshaw calling pop icon Robbie Williams “irrelevant”. Fairplay to Greg for apologising on air a few minutes later and then taking the time to run through the real midweek chart. He coped well with a weird situation.

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Official DB3K’s Showbiz Thoughts 07/11/2012

Official DB3K’s Showbiz Thoughts 07/11/2012

Nick Grimshaw calling Robbie Williams “Irrelevant”

Nick has been sucking up to his bosses by agreeing with their decision to not have the new Robbie Williams song Candy on the Radio 1 playlist. His arguement was saying that Robbie doesn’t appeal to the 13-14 year old girls who listen to the station. Fair enough but how does a 28 year old gay man appeal to them? Also wasn’t the station supposed to appeal to the 18-35 age group that Robbie has lots of fans in? I find it barmy that he had claimed to have never heard a Robbie song before, yet he’s got the main Radio 1 breakfast slot. The song is number 1 so is clearly relevant and should be played.

I’m A Celebrity Moves Closer To Starting

The Rock has denied on Twitter claims that he’s being lined up to go into the jungle this sunday. That shouldn’t surprise anyone as he just doesn’t need the show. It’s much the same as when Charlie Sheen was being linked to Celebrity Big Brother that wasn’t going to ever happen either. I miss Hugo Taylor on Made In Chelsea so glad he’s going on there. Brian Conley will bring plenty of laughs. Hopefully his stint in there will get him back onto saturday night primetime television where he belongs.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson Back In Rehab

Sad times as Tara has to get help to cope with her demons. She’s had a long history of personal problems and i’m sure she will get back on top of things again very shortly. When she’s on TV she comes across as likeable and it’s good she realises she’s problems and gone to get them sorted off her own back. She’s expected to be in there for a month so when she gets out hopefully she can enjoy christmas.

Michael Buble Only Having London Tour Dates

A lot has been made of him only announcing London dates and rightly so. I wouldn’t go to a concert of his or buy his albums, but I do think his songs are catchy. No singer should forget where they came from. Why should his fans be expected to spend lots of time and money to travel from all over the UK to go and see him? Should he not respect and appreciate his fans enough to make sure as many as possible can see him tour with as little fuss as possible?

Rhianna Duets With Chris Brown On Her New Album

The song is called ‘Nobodies Business’ which is clearly a pop at people having a go at them being close again. My view is Chris Brown abusing her in the past should have been enough for her to stay away from him for good. If he happens to raise an hand to her again she will just get a bunch of people saying “I told you so” at her. Hopefully he doesn’t hurt her again and seriously realises the mistakes he’s made in the past.

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