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Geordie Shore Needs To Stop Being A Bore

This show used to be so good and now I only really watch it out of habit. I had high hopes for this series with the cast touring Europe, but that’s not happening in every episode. If you miss an episode you don’t need to catch up on what happened as every episode has the same platform. I never thought i’d actually miss Rebecca and the show has definately suffered from the loss of Jay.

That house is just not the place for spoken for people. It’s much more fun when single people are in who can do what they want. Ricci and Vicky used to be pretty fun, but all they do now when they aren’t moaning about something or arguing is act like an old married couple. James I can see being the next departure either by him leaving or maybe him simply being dropped. What does he bring to the show? He’s more dull than watching Newsnight, never involves himself in situations and acts like a love sick puppy.

For the Australia series later this year i’d drop a couple of cast members and bring in some new blood. Imagine the fun from the off as current members get jealous of newbies getting to go to Australia from day 1 in the show. They take being young too far. You can bet when they look back on their time in the show in say 20-30 years time when they have grown up kids of their own, they will wish they hadn’t done alot of what they get up to.

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Harry Styles Shouldn’t Rise To What Taylor Swift Did At Grammy Awards


Watching her sing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was cringey at best. The song is really good but she just had to use the moment to have a jibe at Harry Styles by putting on a terribly stereotypical British accent. Do foreigners think all us Brits sound the same and don’t have regional accents? God help Harry when the time comes that she releases a song about her failed relationship with him like she has done with ex boyfriends in the past.

When it comes to boyfriends reports suggest she’s a Bunny Boiler and i’d be inclined to agree. Her second album Fearless was released in 2008. Six years later and she’s already had six high profile relationships. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and most recently Harry Styles. Many who have had songs written about them. There will come a time she will struggle to get a guy and maintain a decent relationship due to her constant retaliation at the end of her failed relationships. She should be the bigger person and not try to humiliate her exes in public through song.

For some reason all her relationships are short. I don’t know her personally so don’t know if it’s picking the wrong man, how she is or a combination of both. It has been reported though that she’s got trust issues. If that’s the case dating one of the most popular males in the world probably wasn’t a wise decision for her. She couldn’t expect Harry to ignore his fans in public when it’s those fans who made him who he is today.

Harry Styles is clearly fond of his fans, appreciates what they have done for his lifestyle and isn’t about to tell them no when they want a picture or autograph. He’s a young lad and does right enjoying the attention he gets from his female fanbase. He doesn’t need a lady pressuring him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.

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Court Came To Right Decision On Workfare Case

It’s great to see the court have come to the right decision about the man and woman forced into free work. Is it the 1800s again? It was nothing short of slave labour what was asked of them and it should never have come to this. Getting people back into work is a massive thing that needs to work much better. Why is a company with a turnover of half a billion pounds allowed in the first place to get a worker for nothing? They can afford to pay that person a proper wage. With JSA they will have been on around 65 quid a week. Working the job they would need five days of dinners and five return train/bus journeys. After that they will be down to about 40 pounds a week to live off on a 30-40 hours a week job.

It’s important those out of work continue to do something constructive with their time and learn new skills. I don’t see how sweeping the floor at Poundland for no wage is learning a new skill though. The lady in question wasn’t even stock taking, working the till etc. If it had been a non profit organisation like a charity shop it would have been better.

While big super rich companies are allowed to have free labour it’s keeping someone else on the dole and away from contributing to our society through paying tax. What happens when this mandatory six months of free labour is over? Would it matter how hard the person has worked in that six months to prove themselves? No the company is more likely to say they can’t afford to keep them on and then go back to the Job Centre to be sent another skivvy for another six months.

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Rylan Clark To Present Xtra Factor?

Rumour as it that due to the busy year ahead for Olly Murs, that Rylan will be taking over in the role on Xtra Factor alongside Caroline Flack. If it was me though Rylan should turn it down and set his sights higher than a spin off show of a bigger show he used to be on. I was one of the many people annoyed last year that he kept going through each week despite no singing ability. Yet much like with Frankie Cocozza the year before, a stint on Celebrity Big Brother has helped me grow to like him more. He will never be a talented singer but as a person he came across really well and good luck to him.

He’s won a tremendous amount of people over as evident by winning Celebrity Big Brother last month. Does he really need to go back to X Factor? I’m sure it’s very tempting for him as that is where he became known in the first place. But wouldn’t appearing on the secondary show feel like a come down? I’m sure he’s got his choice of dozens of offers right now and a chance to try something completely different.

He got good reviews from critics for his work on Daybreak when Richard Arnold was away on holiday. Also if he plans on releasing an album he should strike while the iron is hot and his career is doing well without distractions. If he releases a song this autumn he would no doubt be invitied to sing it on X Factor and that one performance would generate many sales for him. That should be the only reason for him to go back there. Other than being one of the judges but that isn’t going to happen…..

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Gazza Gone To Rehab In America

I’m really happy that he’s accepted that he needs help and still hasn’t given up the fight to try and stay clean of alcohol in the long term. His actions as seen over the weekend in the paper were really disapointing of the England football legend. He’s got a really bad illness and it’s a fight he’s simply got to win or he will end up dead. People can try and give him all the help he needs, but it means nothing if he can’t help himself.

Moving to Bournemouth to get away from it all seemed to work for a while. People need to get to the bottom of why after being in reletively good shape for a while he fell back into booze. Was it going without it for so long? Did he have something bothering him? Even if he does eventually stay clean the rest of his life, the addiction will forever be there. It’s definately better than us losing him at a young age like we did with George Best.

Paul was a super talented football player, but fame and fortune doesn’t always bring you happiness. People can’t expect someone to have nothing to worry about simply because they have money. He’s made well known mistakes in the past involving his ex wife Cheryl, but then everyone makes mistakes. If he doesn’t stay clean his days will be numbered. He needs his friends, family and supporters to rally around him more than ever before.

Get better soon Paul.


Shayne Ward Should Not Have Gone On Dancing On Ice

Well done to Jason Gardiner who was the only one of the four judges to actually make the correct call. There is no denying that over the weeks Matt has been a better skater than Shayne, but the skate off is suppose to be all you base your vote on. Thefore how can the person who made mistakes be the one put through? Back in week one Pamela Anderson made skate off mistakes and was correctly voted off. Tonight in the exact same situation the complete opposite happened and we ended up with double standards from three of the four judges. One of them in Ashley having no experience as a skater herself so shouldn’t be on the show to begin with.

I have no problem with two of the better skaters being in the bottom two. At the end of the day if you don’t vote for your favourite you can’t complain when they aren’t saved. What I do have a problem with is the point of a skate off if what you see during it counts for zero. Maybe to avoid further stupidity it should be completely scrapped because it doesn’t always serve the purpose it’s there for.

I’m sure the executives at ITV are licking their lips though. They will see the free publicity the decision the judges made will get them over the next week within the media. Newspapers and television shows like This Morning and Loose Women will be mentioning it for sure. Before tonight Shayne was struggling so it’s a real shame he’s gone when he finally seems to have really got the hang of skating on ice.

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