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Mick Norcross Quits TOWIE

While i’m sad to see him go, I don’t blame him. Sugar Hut was a hugely popular nightclub long before TOWIE came along. Since then the place has got a reputation for filmed arguements to show on TOWIE. You can’t really blame him for thinking the name of his club is starting to be dragged into the gutter. I actually think the show will suffer from no longer being able to show this pivotal cast drinking establishment.

He seems like a really decent bloke so good on him for sticking up for his staff. If any of us had a business and one of our workers was called a slag we wouldn’t like it either. Despite his vast wealth he’s never come across on screen as up himself or as someone who’s better than everyone else. Plenty of cast members in TOWIE episodes have talked down about him which is clearly out of jealousy for what he’s achieved in his life.

Mick doesn’t need the show. He’s not skint or fame hungry. He’s a down to earth family man. I just hope that quiting during a series isn’t going to ruin things for his son Kirk. I’d not put it past producers to take it out on his son by giving him less airtime. Kirk wasn’t exactly seen much last night was he? As one of my favourite cast members of any series I hope he gets himself his own television show so he’s not off screen long.

I could definately see him in a Dragons Den or Apprentice style show helping young people get an idea they have off the ground or by looking for someone to take under his wing to help with expanding his empire.


Towie Cast Get Eggs Thrown At Them

What a waste of perfectly good eggs. I love a nice egg so wouldn’t go wasting them by throwing them. They couldn’t even hit their target due to how bad the throw was. It’s a shame the footage won’t be shown as part of the show. I bet the cast aren’t even allowed to talk about the incident on the next episode. It will be swept under the carpet as if it never happened so people can still think that TOWIE cast members are loved by everyone.

I think they should count their blessings that it wasn’t fermented eggs hurled in their direction. When you see them on I’m A Celebrity they don’t look good at all, even though in Asia they get eaten all the time. It’s the production staff I feel sorry for as it was them that got to see the eggs up close but it wasn’t them that were being aimed for. If they didn’t already know at least they do now that not everyone is happy with their show.

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