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JLS Announce They Are Spliting Up

In the early days I thought they were a cool boyband that us guys could like without being ridiculed. They seem a set of decent lads and come across as likeable. Where I think they went wrong is trying to sound too American with their sound. Their early singles were far better than their recent stuff. Beat Again and Everybody In Love will long be remembered as good pop songs. Do You Feel What I Feel and Hottest Girl In The World not so much.

The boys spliting up is hardly TakeTake calling it a day yet people have been crying as if they have died. Five number one singles is decent enough, but from as many as four studio albums it’s not outstanding. This is their 5th year and the greatest hits album will bring up their 5th album. That’s made them overexposed instead of a good rest between albums so when they come back people are making more of a big deal about it.

Only one of their four albums got to number one. The last one Evolution has sold less than 150,000 copies and there has been a dip in sales with every new album released. Better to go out now then continue the downward spiral if you ask me. I’ve never bought anything JLS but will probably buy their greatest hits album as they have made enough good tunes to justify the purchase.

As a group they worked good together. But I don’t see any of them being a success as a solo artist. Maybe in a few years time they will do a reunion for nostalgia. It’s a good time to split for Marvin. It wouldn’t have been easy for him to be on the road away from his child when it’s born and he will now be able to spend more time with his wife rather than using Skype so often.


Made In Chelsea Season 5 Episode 1 Views

Episode 1 of Season 5 sadly turned into the Spencer Show. I like his heel persona as it makes for good TV, but he doesn’t need to be in so many scenes. Has he developed a drink problem? Nearly every single scene he was in involved him drinking. I was half expecting him to crack open a bottle of red at the contract signing for the flat.

What is Louise playing at? It’s very hard to feel sorry for her and she doesn’t make things easy for herself. She’s got to look at herself and realise how bad her relationship is when her own friends are seemingly turning their back on her. Spencer can’t be trusted and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to distance themselves from what goes off in that relationship.

I’m liking the new pairing of Ollie and Ashley. Over the past four seasons it’s been done to death the Ollie/Cheska/Binky segments so it’s nice to see him involved in scenes with someone else for a change. Long may it continue and I hope it works out for them both. Much in the same way i’m enjoying Binky and Lucy paired together. Although i’m not sure where it leaves Carly who was seen at the band gig but didn’t get to speak.

It was nice to see my favourite Mark Francis more than usual. It was funny seeing how disgusted he was at the thought of drinking out of a plastic cup and he looked totally out of place watching the band playing their gig. With the demin look he had going on I do wonder if he’s been watching the Big Reunion. You could see when talking to Victoria how passionate he is about his new job.

The only lame part of the episode was the explaination for Sophia no longer being about. Could something better have not been thought up? I liked Sophia and she’s a good looking lady, but was clearly never comfortable being filmed with the permanent uneasy smirk on her face no matter if it was an happy or sad scene she was part of. It’s far too early to comment on the three new ladies, but were they really necessary?

From the list the press showed for who’s signed up for this season only Sophia was missing off it. Yet as many as three new ladies have been added to the cast which is too much. Now so many people are involved in the show that originals like Millie hardly get any camera time. For me no new characters needed to be added. Producers could easily drop about half a dozen people and the show wouldn’t suffer for it.

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Brian Dowling Replaced On Big Brother: Is It A Good Decision?

The rumours of the past month have today been confirmed as true. Brian Dowling is to be replaced as host of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother by Bit On The Side host Emma Willis. Anyone else disapointed at this news? Nothing against Emma who’s a decent TV presenter but she’s not Brian Dowling. With Brian under contract for the next two years I assume he’s now being paid his salary for doing nothing. I’m sure he’d rather still have his job to earn his fee though.

The statement released mentioned what a sterling job Brian has done for the past two years. If they genuinely thought that they wouldn’t replace him. He was the perfect host. The guy has won Big Brother twice and never got one nomination in either show. He is the number 1 person in the history of the show and nobody knows the programme better than him. Emma herself hasn’t even been in so is only an everyday fan of the show like ourselves.

I can’t see Channel 5 paying out another salary to replace her on BOTS so I think Alice and Jamie will continue as a duo. I hope Brian was offered the chance of a demotion to the secondary show and told them where to stick it. Dowling brought something different to the show and now Channel 5 seemingly just want to copy Channel 4 by getting a young brunette Davina clone to take over. Sad days.

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