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Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final Number 1 Opinion

It had more poor acts than good acts but here are my opinions on the acts in order they came on stage.

Martin Healy: What a stupid act and terrible way to start the show. Anyone could do his silly routine of dancing poorly with a dummy.

Band Of Voices: The lady that isn’t with them anymore has been replaced by someone who’s nowhere near as good at singing. Instead of churning out a generic “creative differences” line i’d have prefered them to have been more open about why she’s no longer with them. Picking a cheesy Britney Spears pop song was a poor song choice too.

Youth Creation: I keep hearing how they are “good for their age” like being young means you can’t be as good as older people at something. If you practice enough more often than not you will become good. Bits of the act were OK but it wasn’t anything special. It kinda got annoying that they were stopping and starting every 20 seconds or so to dance to something else. I’d have prefered them to have just picked say two tunes to do a routine for.

J-Unity: One of the better acts of the evening. They really made Troublemaker their own instead of singing it the same way as Olly Murs. They have a lot of chemistry between them and if Rizzle Kicks can have a career as a male double act in music these two definately can.

Bosom Buddies: The sillyness of how they are dressed up makes it harder to take them seriously. Which is a shame as they aren’t actually that bad at singing. I’m sure they will have some sort of career performing without needing a day job. Alesha thought she was at a wedding. I don’t know what type of weddings she goes to.

Phillip Green: His two minute act lasted about two minutes too long. After his first audition he should have been really upping his game for the live show. Instead he repeats a number of impressions we’ve already seen him do and doesn’t seem capable of being himself even when just being interviewed. Taking off Stacie Soloman isn’t taxing at all for anyone.

Arisxandra: Brilliant performance and definately going to be getting a record deal. As she gets older and her voice matures more it’s going to get even better. It’s a shame Whitney Houston wasn’t still alive to hear it.

Aaron Crowe: Overated and his act dragged. It was so slow and seemed to take forever to get to the finale. Dec stole the show from him with how scared he looked. He didn’t even hit the target he was aiming for. Being a silent act isn’t original either and takes away the opportunity for him to put his point across to the judging panel.

Richard & Adam: At a best price 4/1 with Paddy Power as 2nd favourites to win the show they look a fantastic bet. Opera acts do well on BGT and with no talented dog in the lineup opera can go one better than last year when Jonathan and Charlotte finished 2nd.

Aaron Crowe instead of Youth Creation would have been my top three. No complaints at the two that went through as they both deserved it. Obviously being a big dance fan Alesha was always going to vote for Youth Creation.


Soldier Murdered In Woolwich

This truely barbaric incident that happened this afternoon has deeply sickened me. We are all well aware that suicide bombers can attack at anytime or someone can hold people hostage if we aren’t careful. What many of us never expect to happen is an attack like this and in broad daylight in a crowded place. Nick Robinson has been tweeting for the BBC and people have been having a go at him for bringing up that the murderer is a Muslim.

His religion was brought up in a Whitehall statement anyway and even if it wasn’t it’s important to the story when it’s being reported as a terrorist attack and the man in question was shouting about Allah. What every member of the UK must now do is not panic. Every religion brings good people and bad people. I sincerely hope we don’t start hearing about revenge attacks happening. There are plenty of good Muslim people about who will be as disapointed with this incident as the rest of us.

This brave soldier did not deserve this happening. Wearing a t shirt supporting our brave troops should not make you a target. Hopefully more people now will go out and buy an Help The Heroes t shirt and help a great cause. My thoughts of course go to his friends, family and colleagues who will have all been deeply affected by this and I cannot begin to try and understand what they are going through. Nor should anyone ever have to.

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