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Britain’s Got Talent Final 2013

After the final aired on saturday night i’m sure I wasn’t the only person disapointed we couldn’t vote for the egg lady. It was much more miss than an hit when it came to the acts that were there. I would have prefered more variety too rather than being such a Music heavy final.

Pre Skool: I don’t get the name when nobody in the group are of that age. They are quite good but i’d have prefered them dancing to one or two songs rather than short snippets of too many songs.

Asanda: Well at least she’s got some attitude and personality in her performance. It would have been better if she had switched it up a bit as she always likes performing the same sort of music rather than showing she can switch it up.

Gabz: For a third time out of three performances she managed to sing at least part of the same song again. I’m bored of hearing (8)Put your lighters in the air(8) and Cowell has already completely milked it in the hope of making some cash off it. It would have been nice if she had sung a song she had wrote about experiences of her life rather than something she hasn’t yet experienced for herself.

Steve Hewlett: What a brilliant performance he put on. He was so funny and while it’s hard to not move your mouth when talking, it will be even harder to sing without moving your lips and he did it with ease. I was looking for movement but it just wasn’t happening. The entertainment world needs an act like Steve.

Jordan O’Keefe: I’m sure he will sell a few records and girls love him but it’s not my kind of act. Middle of the road slow Ed Sheeran style music doesn’t really appeal to me and for me he spoilt a really good Katy Perry song.

Arisxandra: The best music act of the night and it’s crazy to think she’s only 11 so her voice is going to get even better as she gets older. Singing a Christina song is hard work because of her powerful voice. Yet she more than did it justice.

Franchine Lewis: Not as good as she’s made out to be and a lazy performance. For the final she should have been stepping up her game and not repeating impressions we’ve already seen her do. When she started with a bloke for the first time I was hoping for better.

Richard and Adam: Another very good musical peformance. I’m no Opera fan but there is no denying they can both sing and they were very professional to continue while the performance was sabotaged by an egg thrower.

Jack Carroll: The guy I hoped would win even though his act wasn’t as funny as in the semi final and at times he stumbled on his lines. In time though he will remember them better and his jokes will flow more freely.

Luminites: Lets hope they are more Black Eyed Peas than 4 The Cause who bombed as a similar group. All four bring something different to the group and they did a very good job throughout the show of making old fashioned songs sound modern and fresh.

Attraction: Not a bad act but shouldn’t have won even if they had been English. The act they put on for the final was the worst of the three they have done and was just an excuse to suck up to the viewers. It’s a shame a British act couldn’t win our own talent show.

Natalie Holt throwing eggs at Simon Cowell was funny for showing how easy his security system is to breach. She was standing up against him for having backing singers mime. Good on her because if you book professional acts to back up the finalists you should allow them to sing for real.

This afternoon I got blocked by Jack Carroll from following him on Twitter which is a shame. Look at the tweet I sent him. All I did was make a cheeky banter quip about his new friend Jason Manford. Jack has said much worse in his acts before for the good of a laugh so I think it’s over the top by him to block me for saying something about a guy who’s cheated on the wife he’s split from and didn’t know what faithful was. The other week I sent Jack a tweet which can still be seen where I was supporting him but I got no reply. Yet when he reads something he should never have taken in the wrong way he goes around blocking.

He needs to get more thick skinned as trolls will say much worse to him. You can’t have one rule for things you can say but a different rule for things said that you don’t like. That’s not the way to go about things. If he’s looked through my tweet history he will see I like to keep things light hearted with jokey things that aren’t at all malicious. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s going to be the latest public figure that doesn’t reply to their fans yet when someone says something they don’t like it gets noticed all of a sudden.

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