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Hazel Should Have Been Booted Out Of Big Brother Like Daley

Big Brother was soft and more than a little sexist in letting her stay in the house after the Daley incident. There is no arguements from me that Daley should have been thrown out. His agressive behaviour was uneasy to watch and nobody male or female should ever behave like that to the opposite sex. However Hazel was only warned for pulling down his shorts which is blatant sexual harrassment. Could you imagine if Daley had no past behaviour problems (like Hazel) and had pulled down her bikini bottoms. He would have been thrown out because of that one off incident alone. For some reason though it’s ok when females do it to a male.

I found her to be very two faced when talking about it in the diary room. How can she say she was scared of him when after the incident she was cuddling him in bed like nothing had happened? It’s a shame she’s not up for eviction tonight but I think the house will make sure she’s up next week and then it’s down to the viewing public to make their voice heard. She’s so vein too how she hates being seen without makeup to the point where she wears it in bed and also into the shower. Natual beauties are so much better.


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Daley Removed From The Big Brother House

The shock news of the day is that Daley has been removed from the house due to his behaviour towards Hazel. While she doesn’t make it easy for people to like her, threatening behaviour is never acceptable and he should have known better. He’s going to have an hard time of it back on the outside and if I was him i’d be regretting ever going into the house. I hope his ex girlfriend Katie takes a good bit of pleasure from how her former boyfriend is thought of by the viewing public.

I can imagine the Big Brother producers thought long and hard about taking him out and in an ideal world would have liked to have kept him in. Lets be honest that even though he’s a snake of a man he’s at least riverting to watch on TV. Most of the other housemates are dreadfully boring and bring nothing to the house so viewing figures could dip more regularly below the dreaded one million mark. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Channel 5 edit down the incident that lead to him being evicted early.

I believe they should show us all the main parts and not leave anything out. While watching a bloke being a bully towards a female will be uneasy viewing, those who don’t want to see it can switch over and the show airs after watershed anyway. If the footage is edited down too much you run the risk of people not understanding why he was thrown out and others who will think Big Brother are trying to protect him from more of a backlash than he’ll already get. We shall wait and see…..


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