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Michael Le Vell Found Not Guilty

After a tough few years he was today found not guilty of all sexual charges towards a young lady from six years old. From the start the evidence didn’t seem to add up and it was always going to be his word against hers. The main part was that a female doctor who examined her found no evidence of damage to her. Yes it could have healed but nothing tends to heal back to completely how it was before it was damaged. I was surprised the alleged victims mother was allowed to give evidence as she can’t exactly be called an impartial person. I also found it telling that two young women in Brooke Vincent and Helen Flanagan. Both who have known him since a very young age had no reason to doubt him.

Le Vell was helping this girl try and become an actress. Would you be that desperate to become an actress that you’d get it from someone who’s supposedly raped you? She mentioned flashbacks too. Now everyone is different but if something that serious had happened to me i’d not get flashbacks because everything that happened to me would be fresh in my mind. Two thirds of the jury were women and some would think they would side with a female but that didn’t happen.

The law of people being named needs to be sorted out though. Le Vell despite being found not guilty will still have doubters thinking he got off because the jury are Coronation Street fans. People he knows will still be cautious around him at least for a while wondering if the right outcome happened. His life will never be the same again and he’s going to be known more to alot of people for the court case and not his job. The young lady the jury didn’t side with though can carry on with her life by staying anonymous forever. Both sides in a case this severe should not be named and then the loser in the case only should be named. The only things Le Vell is guilty of are being an alcoholic and cheating on his wife.

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