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Madeleine McCann – Six Years On

The story of missing child Madeleine McCann continues tonight with an hour long programme about her. Hopefully the latest information means she is found soon safe and well. I am of the opinion that she is alive somewhere living a normal life. If she had been killed I reckon her body will have been found by now. I think it’s a case of a childless couple taking her to bring up as their own for whatever reason. To keep people off the scenet her appearance will have been changed, but her distinctive eye is a giveaway unless they have her wear contact lenses to get around this.

I’m surprised that another five million has been put towards trying to find her. Kids go missing long term all the time and don’t get anything like the publicity this case gets. Her parents have to live with themselves every single day that they left their three year old daughter alone at night in a foreign country unattended. Can you imagine if it was a Jeremy Kyle style layabout parents situation that Maddie was in? The law would have thrown the book at them for neglect amongst other things.

Kate and Gerry as a well off couple with good jobs look to have been treated differently. If Maddie is found will they face anything for the cost of finding the daughter they lost through their mistake? Lets not forget Maddie is the victim here. Even when found it would take her a long time to get used to being back with her parents having spent two thirds of her life without them. I sincerely hope she still remembers them, but it’s natural she’d find it strange such difference in her life.

People are entitled to their opinion on the story, but there is no need for the offensive “jokes” and dirt stories about what might have happened that’s over the internet. Fingers crossed someone out there knows who is responsible and she’s back to her family as quickly as possible. That would be a brilliant early christmas present for them wouldn’t it? People should never lose hope that she will be found safe and well. Others have after missing for much longer. Nobody with an heart would begrudge an happy ending to this story.

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