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I’m A Celebrity Battle Of The Women

Last night the big talking point was when Rebecca Adlington started to cry over her insecurities about her looks. It all started when Lucy slyly started an heated debate about the job Amy does for a living. I can see both sides of the arguement and personally feel that Lucy was purposely starting to create some tension in a camp of people who so far have got on well.

Amy is a good looking woman. She cannot help the way she looks and people shouldn’t talk down about her because of her profession. At least she’s not a sponger and she’s paying her taxes. She’s done very little wrong apart from push Rebecca, although there appeared to be no malice in it. As for Rebecca it’s hard as a guy to understand the insecurities women have about their appearance. Especially when Rebecca is a good looking woman herself.

I’ve spoke to guys I know and read other views from males on the incident and we all pretty much agree. Basically if we were in the jungle alongside some hunky guy with big muscles etc we’d not feel insecure despite also having things about ourselves we’d change appearance wise. Guys don’t tend to compare themselves physically to other guys, unlike plenty of women do. I hope Rebecca and Amy get close again as they were at the start. They shouldn’t like Botox Lucy try and drive a wedge between them by her bullying all coy.

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