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Ian Watkins Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

I can’t be the only one that’s shocked at how heavy the sentence is. Yes it could be even longer, but based on past soft sentences like that of Stuart Hall it’s good to see one so high for a change. He will either be released as an old man aged 71, or he won’t ever get out if someone gets their hands on him inside or if after all that time he’s still seen as a risk to the general public. In cases as evil as this where there is no doubt at all the person is guilty you have to ask if bringing back the death penalty should be done.

Why should the taxpayer pay for him to be fed, watered and protected from attack for the next 35 years? The cost for that is going to be huge. Then when he gets out (unless he dies early) he’s going to cost the public even more money to be protected still from attacks. It’s not like we’ve lots of money to spend, so using so much on him does seem a waste. So what about the two women involved?

I understand why they haven’t been named, but at what cost? When the horrible women in question are finally released they will still only be in their mid 30s. Plenty young enough to find another guy who doesn’t know of their past, fall in love and become a parent again. I couldn’t imagine being a guy who falls in love and has a kid with someone I love, only for it to eventually come out what the lady did in the past. The risk of this happening cannot be allowed. These two women don’t deserve to have a normal life ever again.

They are lucky that their names are being protected when innocent men like Michael Le Vell and Jim Davidson were in the press only to not be found guilty of the charges against them. On a last note lets hope the innocent kids involved can grow up and live as normal of a life as is possible. Especially at some point in the future when no doubt they will be told one way or another about their childhood.


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