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Jim Davidson Wins Celebrity Big Brother 13

So last night Jim Davidson won the 13th edition of Celebrity Big Brother. However despite this he still splits opinion from the general public. Is he the racist, homophobic and sexist person the press would have you to believe? Was he that in the past and he’s changed his ways? Anyone who took the time to watch the show will have seen him as someone who was caring and funny. When the C bomb was dropped by Linda Nolan he could have lost it. Infact there were many times when he could have flipped at her for how she behaved towards him but instead he came out with funny wisecracks that won over the viewers.

After the year he had in 2013 wrongly accused of terrible crimes, the guy deserves some good luck if you ask me. I can’t begin to imagine what he and his family went through. Not only that he will never get back the loss of earnings he had through false accusations. If he was sexist he’d have not looked after Casey so well after her love triangle. I really hope now we see Big Break and Generation Game both make a return to saturday night television with Jim as the host like back in the old days. A couple of decent light hearted shows that don’t rely on phone ins to milk money from the viewers.

Yay for Jim.


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