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Geordie Shore Not Allowed To Be Filmed In Blackpool

An episode for the new series was going to be filmed there, but they weren’t allowed because Blackpool is a place for families and the show would give the wrong impression. Now i’m a fan of both Geordie Shore and of Blackpool which is a town I visit a fair few times during the course of the year and enjoy very much. But the show for me should have been allowed to be filmed there.

Blackpool is a seaside resort known for kiss me quick hats and for being littered most weekends with hen and stag parties getting tanked up on booze. At least if they let Geordie Shore film there it would be publicity for the town. It’s nowhere near as busy as it was when I was a kid. The beach used to be packed but now it’s not even particularly busy during school holidays.

People who’ve never been there before would likely want to go there so they can see the landmarks and bars/clubs the cast were filmed at. This is turn will put more money into the Blackpool economy. Think how many will have visited Newcastle because of Geordie Shore, Essex because of TOWIE etc. I would guess that the local nightclub and bar owners aren’t too pleased with the decision. is a great link to make some cash off the government by doing questionaires for them. I was weary but i’ve been paid by them so it’s no scam and definately a good link to tweet so others can earn too.


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