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Ched Evans – Will He Play Football Again Professionally?

Plenty of people have a view on if Ched Evans should be allowed to play football again. This isn’t just football fans because the case of his conviction and release from prison after half his sentence has captured the immagination of the wider public. Guys like Lee Hughes and Luke McCormick have caused death and been allowed to play again, so why is the case of Ched treated differently when whilst he’s been found guilty of a serious crime he’s not killed anybody? For many people it comes down to the lack of remorse shown by him. The remorse shown by Lee Hughes and Luke McCormick who is now the captain of Plymouth Argyle can be seen here…….

They both got into contact with the families their actions hurt and thus were accepted more back into society. Alot of football fans still don’t think they should have been allowed back into football, but we are a country of second chances and rehabilitation to stop re-offending. I can see no way back into football for Ched if he carries on protesting his innocence. It’s not normal behaviour either to share a drunk girl behind the back of your girlfriend that has just made love to your mate. She’s got to live the rest of her life under new indentities in fear of being found and it should never be forgotten that she’s the victim here.

He’s currently trying to get his conviction overturned. If it happens then his route back into football will be alot easier and more clubs will take a punt on him who currently are worried about losing sponsorship money by hiring him. Another question is how good will he be after three years away from the game? It wouldn’t be easy for him to find his old form or to deal with the abuse he’d get from the stands. Even many of his own supporters won’t want him at their club, especially those who have daughters of their own. If his ongoing appeal doesn’t take away his conviction what will he do then? The ending of the story appears to be far from over one way or another. is a great link to make some cash off the government by doing questionaires for them. I was weary but i’ve been paid by them so it’s no scam and definately a good link to tweet so others can earn too. Please do retweet this article if you enjoyed reading it and subscribe to my blogs so you don’t miss any in the future 🙂


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