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Ken Morley – Should He Have Been Thrown Off Big Brother?

The only reason i’d have taken Ken out of the house is for him repeating a word many find offensive that he’d already been told not to. That aside I genuinely don’t think he acted too badly. From the moment he joined the house he was set upon by others who put him up for eviction straight away. If I was 21 or any other age and someone in their seventies complimented any part of me, including my bum i’d take it as harmless banter and find it funny. It wouldn’t at all be offensive to me but I realise everyone is different.

If someone compliments you on your looks you should be happy that someone doesn’t find you unattractive and ugly. If you wear very little you are going to get people staring at you as it’s instinct. If it was a woman in her seventies complimenting a young guy on his six pack there would be no uproar at all, just like when Edwina Currie perved all over Jake Quickenden on I’m A Celebrity. He took it exactly how it was intended and came across very well. I believe alot of what he said was tongue in cheek and an attempt to try and get himself some airtime. I don’t think anything malicious was meant by any of the incidents he was involved in.

He should have known better than to say the comments he said to Alexandra and Keith, but that’s more down to the era he was brought up in. An era where characters like Alf Garnett were made for laughs on a show that no tv station dares to air repeats of in this day and age, despite the big fan following it had. Alexandra was the only person who could be genuinely offended in the house by the comments Ken said to him and even he realised no harm was meant by them. He even carried on hanging around with Ken and having a laugh with him.

It was brave of him to go on Loose Women and risk the wrath of a pack of wolves baying for his blood. Channel 5 have gone mad with political correctness. They know they type of people they want for the show and what they want to happen for the viewing figures. They encourage people not thinking straight by giving them booze on a pretty much daily basis. TV executives will be too scared to give him work, so I expect he will now have to stick to relying on adverts and panto work. is a great link to make some cash off the government by doing questionaires for them. I was weary but i’ve been paid by them so it’s no scam and definately a good link to tweet so others can earn too. Please do retweet this article if you enjoyed reading it and subscribe to my blogs so you don’t miss any in the future 🙂


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