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The Sun – Page 3 Finished?

It will be sad if a noisy minority group get their way by having a British tradition like Page 3 be no more. Hopefully Daily Star won’t follow in their footsteps and finish as well. Women deserve equal rights, so where are their rights for grown adults choosing a career path that makes them feel sexy and empowering? They aren’t breaking no law and they definately aren’t harming anyone. Those who don’t like Page 3 know what page the boobs are on if they want to avoid them. Freedom is a big thing in the western world, and this is setting everything back.

Where is the campaign for newspapers to stop showing pictures of topless men such as those in underwear campaigns? I’m not offended by guys showing off their bodies and have no issues with either sex flashing some skin. It will take more than this for a newspaper blighted in so many bad press stories over the years to be liked by more. What happens if the newspaper loses sales? Will it be brought back by Murdoch?

People shouldn’t be offended by a pair of boobs. Nobody buys a newspaper because they can see breasts. If they wanted to they would browse on the internet and find plenty of them. Both men and women should be able to model topless as equals. If these women choose to do Page 3 that only concerns them. It’s nobody elses business what they want to do for a profession. There are many worse things happening in the world that could do with a campaign. This one comes across like a killjoy, which is sad. is a great link to make some cash off the government by doing questionaires for them. I was weary but i’ve been paid by them so it’s no scam and definately a good link to tweet so others can earn too. Please do retweet this article if you enjoyed reading it and subscribe to my blogs so you don’t miss any in the future


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