Here not to be liked, but to be honest. Proud to be a Yorkshire born and bred Englishman :)


Hello everyone. My name is Andrew and i’m from Yorkshire, England. A lot of my thoughts on my Twitter account @officialdb3k get back opinions and views to me so I thought considering i’ve got a very good following i’m proud of, I would make this blog page to give back to those who have decided to follow me on there as a thank you.

Sometimes you will agree with my views and other times you will probably hate me for what I say. That is the beauty of the internet and it would be extremely boring if everyone always had the same views on a particular subject. How often I do these blogs will depend on just how much people like reading them either by giving feedback, tweeting the blogs on Twitter, sharing them on Facebook or by any other means.

Thinking up a subject to write about and then making the effort to write about it can be very time consuming, so plenty of feedback and an every growing list of Twitter followers would make it all the more worthwhile. If I get very little feedback or help in people reading the articles I publish, I shall take the hint and stop writing, assuming nobody is reading them 🙂

I thank you for your time and hope you enjoy reading my blogs wherever in the world you are from 🙂




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