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Amy Childs To Star On Bachelorette?

Channel 5 has reportedly signed her on to compete in a female version of The Bachelor which earlier this year stared Gavin Henson. The show will involve 25 guys competing for her affection in the hope of winning the show and becoming her new boyfriend. How it works with her supposedly back with her ex Joe Hurlock remains to be seen. The show is a success in America, so it’s no surprise TV excutives want to bring it over the Atlantic. In pictures of her arriving at This Morning yesterday she looked like she’s had her lips pumped and fillers put in her cheeks. It’s a shame that because she would look much better looking if she was more natural.

The lady has done well for herself, so should be careful doing the show that someone isn’t out to take advantage of her. Lets be honest she’s never going to be Mastermind champion, so there will be some guys out there who will try and use that to their advantage to impress her with stupid lines. If she manages to find eternal happiness through doing it, then the show will have been a success to her no matter what the ratings could be.

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