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What A Disapointing Strictly Lineup For This Year

Len Goodman said last year that the lineup was so good it was the first time ever he had heard of everyone taking part. I think it’s safe to say this year he won’t be saying the same. When a WAG and a singer without an hit single in years are two of the biggest names you have problems. I’ve read comments from both male and female fans complaining about the lack of eye candy and I agree. Yes it’s dancing ability that’s most important, but you need as much of the full package as possible.

I’m not sure how much it will be worth watching this year. I will watch the launch show and give it a few more shows before making up my mind. But there is that much good television on at the minute that I may not have to keep watching it until the end. The results show won’t be much better with Claudia Winkleman co presenting dressed in too much black like she’s been to a funeral.

The problem the show has is that it’s been going for so many years that the talent pool to take part has dwindled. Even the Celebrity Big Brother lineup has a better group of well known famous faces. With the return of Sharon Osbourne to X Factor, beating them in the ratings last year looks like being a one off before normal service resumes.

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Hazel Should Have Been Booted Out Of Big Brother Like Daley

Big Brother was soft and more than a little sexist in letting her stay in the house after the Daley incident. There is no arguements from me that Daley should have been thrown out. His agressive behaviour was uneasy to watch and nobody male or female should ever behave like that to the opposite sex. However Hazel was only warned for pulling down his shorts which is blatant sexual harrassment. Could you imagine if Daley had no past behaviour problems (like Hazel) and had pulled down her bikini bottoms. He would have been thrown out because of that one off incident alone. For some reason though it’s ok when females do it to a male.

I found her to be very two faced when talking about it in the diary room. How can she say she was scared of him when after the incident she was cuddling him in bed like nothing had happened? It’s a shame she’s not up for eviction tonight but I think the house will make sure she’s up next week and then it’s down to the viewing public to make their voice heard. She’s so vein too how she hates being seen without makeup to the point where she wears it in bed and also into the shower. Natual beauties are so much better.


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Daley Removed From The Big Brother House

The shock news of the day is that Daley has been removed from the house due to his behaviour towards Hazel. While she doesn’t make it easy for people to like her, threatening behaviour is never acceptable and he should have known better. He’s going to have an hard time of it back on the outside and if I was him i’d be regretting ever going into the house. I hope his ex girlfriend Katie takes a good bit of pleasure from how her former boyfriend is thought of by the viewing public.

I can imagine the Big Brother producers thought long and hard about taking him out and in an ideal world would have liked to have kept him in. Lets be honest that even though he’s a snake of a man he’s at least riverting to watch on TV. Most of the other housemates are dreadfully boring and bring nothing to the house so viewing figures could dip more regularly below the dreaded one million mark. It’s also going to be interesting to see how Channel 5 edit down the incident that lead to him being evicted early.

I believe they should show us all the main parts and not leave anything out. While watching a bloke being a bully towards a female will be uneasy viewing, those who don’t want to see it can switch over and the show airs after watershed anyway. If the footage is edited down too much you run the risk of people not understanding why he was thrown out and others who will think Big Brother are trying to protect him from more of a backlash than he’ll already get. We shall wait and see…..


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Britain’s Got Talent Final 2013

After the final aired on saturday night i’m sure I wasn’t the only person disapointed we couldn’t vote for the egg lady. It was much more miss than an hit when it came to the acts that were there. I would have prefered more variety too rather than being such a Music heavy final.

Pre Skool: I don’t get the name when nobody in the group are of that age. They are quite good but i’d have prefered them dancing to one or two songs rather than short snippets of too many songs.

Asanda: Well at least she’s got some attitude and personality in her performance. It would have been better if she had switched it up a bit as she always likes performing the same sort of music rather than showing she can switch it up.

Gabz: For a third time out of three performances she managed to sing at least part of the same song again. I’m bored of hearing (8)Put your lighters in the air(8) and Cowell has already completely milked it in the hope of making some cash off it. It would have been nice if she had sung a song she had wrote about experiences of her life rather than something she hasn’t yet experienced for herself.

Steve Hewlett: What a brilliant performance he put on. He was so funny and while it’s hard to not move your mouth when talking, it will be even harder to sing without moving your lips and he did it with ease. I was looking for movement but it just wasn’t happening. The entertainment world needs an act like Steve.

Jordan O’Keefe: I’m sure he will sell a few records and girls love him but it’s not my kind of act. Middle of the road slow Ed Sheeran style music doesn’t really appeal to me and for me he spoilt a really good Katy Perry song.

Arisxandra: The best music act of the night and it’s crazy to think she’s only 11 so her voice is going to get even better as she gets older. Singing a Christina song is hard work because of her powerful voice. Yet she more than did it justice.

Franchine Lewis: Not as good as she’s made out to be and a lazy performance. For the final she should have been stepping up her game and not repeating impressions we’ve already seen her do. When she started with a bloke for the first time I was hoping for better.

Richard and Adam: Another very good musical peformance. I’m no Opera fan but there is no denying they can both sing and they were very professional to continue while the performance was sabotaged by an egg thrower.

Jack Carroll: The guy I hoped would win even though his act wasn’t as funny as in the semi final and at times he stumbled on his lines. In time though he will remember them better and his jokes will flow more freely.

Luminites: Lets hope they are more Black Eyed Peas than 4 The Cause who bombed as a similar group. All four bring something different to the group and they did a very good job throughout the show of making old fashioned songs sound modern and fresh.

Attraction: Not a bad act but shouldn’t have won even if they had been English. The act they put on for the final was the worst of the three they have done and was just an excuse to suck up to the viewers. It’s a shame a British act couldn’t win our own talent show.

Natalie Holt throwing eggs at Simon Cowell was funny for showing how easy his security system is to breach. She was standing up against him for having backing singers mime. Good on her because if you book professional acts to back up the finalists you should allow them to sing for real.

This afternoon I got blocked by Jack Carroll from following him on Twitter which is a shame. Look at the tweet I sent him. All I did was make a cheeky banter quip about his new friend Jason Manford. Jack has said much worse in his acts before for the good of a laugh so I think it’s over the top by him to block me for saying something about a guy who’s cheated on the wife he’s split from and didn’t know what faithful was. The other week I sent Jack a tweet which can still be seen where I was supporting him but I got no reply. Yet when he reads something he should never have taken in the wrong way he goes around blocking.

He needs to get more thick skinned as trolls will say much worse to him. You can’t have one rule for things you can say but a different rule for things said that you don’t like. That’s not the way to go about things. If he’s looked through my tweet history he will see I like to keep things light hearted with jokey things that aren’t at all malicious. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’s going to be the latest public figure that doesn’t reply to their fans yet when someone says something they don’t like it gets noticed all of a sudden.

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Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final Number 1 Opinion

It had more poor acts than good acts but here are my opinions on the acts in order they came on stage.

Martin Healy: What a stupid act and terrible way to start the show. Anyone could do his silly routine of dancing poorly with a dummy.

Band Of Voices: The lady that isn’t with them anymore has been replaced by someone who’s nowhere near as good at singing. Instead of churning out a generic “creative differences” line i’d have prefered them to have been more open about why she’s no longer with them. Picking a cheesy Britney Spears pop song was a poor song choice too.

Youth Creation: I keep hearing how they are “good for their age” like being young means you can’t be as good as older people at something. If you practice enough more often than not you will become good. Bits of the act were OK but it wasn’t anything special. It kinda got annoying that they were stopping and starting every 20 seconds or so to dance to something else. I’d have prefered them to have just picked say two tunes to do a routine for.

J-Unity: One of the better acts of the evening. They really made Troublemaker their own instead of singing it the same way as Olly Murs. They have a lot of chemistry between them and if Rizzle Kicks can have a career as a male double act in music these two definately can.

Bosom Buddies: The sillyness of how they are dressed up makes it harder to take them seriously. Which is a shame as they aren’t actually that bad at singing. I’m sure they will have some sort of career performing without needing a day job. Alesha thought she was at a wedding. I don’t know what type of weddings she goes to.

Phillip Green: His two minute act lasted about two minutes too long. After his first audition he should have been really upping his game for the live show. Instead he repeats a number of impressions we’ve already seen him do and doesn’t seem capable of being himself even when just being interviewed. Taking off Stacie Soloman isn’t taxing at all for anyone.

Arisxandra: Brilliant performance and definately going to be getting a record deal. As she gets older and her voice matures more it’s going to get even better. It’s a shame Whitney Houston wasn’t still alive to hear it.

Aaron Crowe: Overated and his act dragged. It was so slow and seemed to take forever to get to the finale. Dec stole the show from him with how scared he looked. He didn’t even hit the target he was aiming for. Being a silent act isn’t original either and takes away the opportunity for him to put his point across to the judging panel.

Richard & Adam: At a best price 4/1 with Paddy Power as 2nd favourites to win the show they look a fantastic bet. Opera acts do well on BGT and with no talented dog in the lineup opera can go one better than last year when Jonathan and Charlotte finished 2nd.

Aaron Crowe instead of Youth Creation would have been my top three. No complaints at the two that went through as they both deserved it. Obviously being a big dance fan Alesha was always going to vote for Youth Creation.

Soldier Murdered In Woolwich

This truely barbaric incident that happened this afternoon has deeply sickened me. We are all well aware that suicide bombers can attack at anytime or someone can hold people hostage if we aren’t careful. What many of us never expect to happen is an attack like this and in broad daylight in a crowded place. Nick Robinson has been tweeting for the BBC and people have been having a go at him for bringing up that the murderer is a Muslim.

His religion was brought up in a Whitehall statement anyway and even if it wasn’t it’s important to the story when it’s being reported as a terrorist attack and the man in question was shouting about Allah. What every member of the UK must now do is not panic. Every religion brings good people and bad people. I sincerely hope we don’t start hearing about revenge attacks happening. There are plenty of good Muslim people about who will be as disapointed with this incident as the rest of us.

This brave soldier did not deserve this happening. Wearing a t shirt supporting our brave troops should not make you a target. Hopefully more people now will go out and buy an Help The Heroes t shirt and help a great cause. My thoughts of course go to his friends, family and colleagues who will have all been deeply affected by this and I cannot begin to try and understand what they are going through. Nor should anyone ever have to.

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JLS Announce They Are Spliting Up

In the early days I thought they were a cool boyband that us guys could like without being ridiculed. They seem a set of decent lads and come across as likeable. Where I think they went wrong is trying to sound too American with their sound. Their early singles were far better than their recent stuff. Beat Again and Everybody In Love will long be remembered as good pop songs. Do You Feel What I Feel and Hottest Girl In The World not so much.

The boys spliting up is hardly TakeTake calling it a day yet people have been crying as if they have died. Five number one singles is decent enough, but from as many as four studio albums it’s not outstanding. This is their 5th year and the greatest hits album will bring up their 5th album. That’s made them overexposed instead of a good rest between albums so when they come back people are making more of a big deal about it.

Only one of their four albums got to number one. The last one Evolution has sold less than 150,000 copies and there has been a dip in sales with every new album released. Better to go out now then continue the downward spiral if you ask me. I’ve never bought anything JLS but will probably buy their greatest hits album as they have made enough good tunes to justify the purchase.

As a group they worked good together. But I don’t see any of them being a success as a solo artist. Maybe in a few years time they will do a reunion for nostalgia. It’s a good time to split for Marvin. It wouldn’t have been easy for him to be on the road away from his child when it’s born and he will now be able to spend more time with his wife rather than using Skype so often.

Made In Chelsea Season 5 Episode 1 Views

Episode 1 of Season 5 sadly turned into the Spencer Show. I like his heel persona as it makes for good TV, but he doesn’t need to be in so many scenes. Has he developed a drink problem? Nearly every single scene he was in involved him drinking. I was half expecting him to crack open a bottle of red at the contract signing for the flat.

What is Louise playing at? It’s very hard to feel sorry for her and she doesn’t make things easy for herself. She’s got to look at herself and realise how bad her relationship is when her own friends are seemingly turning their back on her. Spencer can’t be trusted and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to distance themselves from what goes off in that relationship.

I’m liking the new pairing of Ollie and Ashley. Over the past four seasons it’s been done to death the Ollie/Cheska/Binky segments so it’s nice to see him involved in scenes with someone else for a change. Long may it continue and I hope it works out for them both. Much in the same way i’m enjoying Binky and Lucy paired together. Although i’m not sure where it leaves Carly who was seen at the band gig but didn’t get to speak.

It was nice to see my favourite Mark Francis more than usual. It was funny seeing how disgusted he was at the thought of drinking out of a plastic cup and he looked totally out of place watching the band playing their gig. With the demin look he had going on I do wonder if he’s been watching the Big Reunion. You could see when talking to Victoria how passionate he is about his new job.

The only lame part of the episode was the explaination for Sophia no longer being about. Could something better have not been thought up? I liked Sophia and she’s a good looking lady, but was clearly never comfortable being filmed with the permanent uneasy smirk on her face no matter if it was an happy or sad scene she was part of. It’s far too early to comment on the three new ladies, but were they really necessary?

From the list the press showed for who’s signed up for this season only Sophia was missing off it. Yet as many as three new ladies have been added to the cast which is too much. Now so many people are involved in the show that originals like Millie hardly get any camera time. For me no new characters needed to be added. Producers could easily drop about half a dozen people and the show wouldn’t suffer for it.

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Brian Dowling Replaced On Big Brother: Is It A Good Decision?

The rumours of the past month have today been confirmed as true. Brian Dowling is to be replaced as host of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother by Bit On The Side host Emma Willis. Anyone else disapointed at this news? Nothing against Emma who’s a decent TV presenter but she’s not Brian Dowling. With Brian under contract for the next two years I assume he’s now being paid his salary for doing nothing. I’m sure he’d rather still have his job to earn his fee though.

The statement released mentioned what a sterling job Brian has done for the past two years. If they genuinely thought that they wouldn’t replace him. He was the perfect host. The guy has won Big Brother twice and never got one nomination in either show. He is the number 1 person in the history of the show and nobody knows the programme better than him. Emma herself hasn’t even been in so is only an everyday fan of the show like ourselves.

I can’t see Channel 5 paying out another salary to replace her on BOTS so I think Alice and Jamie will continue as a duo. I hope Brian was offered the chance of a demotion to the secondary show and told them where to stick it. Dowling brought something different to the show and now Channel 5 seemingly just want to copy Channel 4 by getting a young brunette Davina clone to take over. Sad days.

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Mick Norcross Quits TOWIE

While i’m sad to see him go, I don’t blame him. Sugar Hut was a hugely popular nightclub long before TOWIE came along. Since then the place has got a reputation for filmed arguements to show on TOWIE. You can’t really blame him for thinking the name of his club is starting to be dragged into the gutter. I actually think the show will suffer from no longer being able to show this pivotal cast drinking establishment.

He seems like a really decent bloke so good on him for sticking up for his staff. If any of us had a business and one of our workers was called a slag we wouldn’t like it either. Despite his vast wealth he’s never come across on screen as up himself or as someone who’s better than everyone else. Plenty of cast members in TOWIE episodes have talked down about him which is clearly out of jealousy for what he’s achieved in his life.

Mick doesn’t need the show. He’s not skint or fame hungry. He’s a down to earth family man. I just hope that quiting during a series isn’t going to ruin things for his son Kirk. I’d not put it past producers to take it out on his son by giving him less airtime. Kirk wasn’t exactly seen much last night was he? As one of my favourite cast members of any series I hope he gets himself his own television show so he’s not off screen long.

I could definately see him in a Dragons Den or Apprentice style show helping young people get an idea they have off the ground or by looking for someone to take under his wing to help with expanding his empire.

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