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Harry Styles Shouldn’t Rise To What Taylor Swift Did At Grammy Awards


Watching her sing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was cringey at best. The song is really good but she just had to use the moment to have a jibe at Harry Styles by putting on a terribly stereotypical British accent. Do foreigners think all us Brits sound the same and don’t have regional accents? God help Harry when the time comes that she releases a song about her failed relationship with him like she has done with ex boyfriends in the past.

When it comes to boyfriends reports suggest she’s a Bunny Boiler and i’d be inclined to agree. Her second album Fearless was released in 2008. Six years later and she’s already had six high profile relationships. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and most recently Harry Styles. Many who have had songs written about them. There will come a time she will struggle to get a guy and maintain a decent relationship due to her constant retaliation at the end of her failed relationships. She should be the bigger person and not try to humiliate her exes in public through song.

For some reason all her relationships are short. I don’t know her personally so don’t know if it’s picking the wrong man, how she is or a combination of both. It has been reported though that she’s got trust issues. If that’s the case dating one of the most popular males in the world probably wasn’t a wise decision for her. She couldn’t expect Harry to ignore his fans in public when it’s those fans who made him who he is today.

Harry Styles is clearly fond of his fans, appreciates what they have done for his lifestyle and isn’t about to tell them no when they want a picture or autograph. He’s a young lad and does right enjoying the attention he gets from his female fanbase. He doesn’t need a lady pressuring him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.

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